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Gabriela Vieira:

Natural do Rio de Janeiro, mais precisamente Araras, um vale na serra de Petrópolis. Geminiana. Botafoguense com muito orgulho, lançada no mundo com 17 anos, quando comecei minha carreira como modelo. Desde então cigana, curiosa por natureza, apaixonada por viagens, culturas diversas, línguas, culinária e até um pouco de moda...

Morei 5 anos em Milão, 2 em Paris e nos ultimos quase 6 anos, em Nova York. Atualmente de volta a minha origem e cidade do coração, Rio de Janeiro (mas sabe se lá até quando...)


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The Best Gelatos (Ice-Cream) In Milan(o)!

If all the other treats (and ingredients) that Italy have gave to the world were not already enough, they also gifted us with the gelato, which - let's face it - is the VIP of the ice cream!!

Incomparable, unique!!

After living in Milan in the past for 5 years, this time I came back for 6 weeks and I gave myself the "arduous" mission of trying to find the best in town.

As we know, taste is not to be discussed, so let's talk about the creamiest, or with most interesting flavors and even the most crunchy cones (cono in Italian)!

After much research (seriously!) those are the ones I believe are worth (the calories) checking out:


Great accompaniment to those who are exploring the Naviglio region.

I always thought that the secret of the Italian ice cream - I mean, served in Italy (do you agree that they are still better there?) - was in the milk of the Italian kitties, but here I have tasted the vegan version of Pistacchio de Bronte - In Italy you know when something is real good when the place where the ingredient is from is quoted - and Tcharan !!!!

Same creaminess. Same delight. Without milk.

Mind blowing!!!

I just did not like the cones, those wilted ones ... score 7!

Via Vigevano, 27.

Cioccolat Italiani:

One of the most famous today, it is a large chain with several branches throughout the city. Explosion of cremosity - what can be considered too sweet for some.

I would say it's a bit commercial - it does not look like a typical Italian gelateria , but a fast food chain. Here you can add melted chocolate or nuts to your cone (and eat it by itself - score: 11), built your sundae or even more intense: Put a crepe inside the big cone!

Few and traditional flavors, executed with mastery !!!!

Via San Rafaelle, 4.


If years ago you asked me which is the best ice cream in Milan, I would say this one, no doubt !!

As the name already says, it has always been famous for its chocolate flavors which are many !! My favorite was always the white chocolate that is so good and creamy that it feels like you're eating one of those melted - frozen - Lindt balls! Yeaaaas!

There's also dark chocolate, with pepper, with orange, with cherry and so on....

Nothing changed in the creaminess and delight, but unfortunately in the service!!

I understand that they deal with a large queue, but the workers here are VERY rude nowadays!!!

Do not come for smiles but for a chocolate coma! ;-)

Cone score: 10!

They also have their amazing chocolates pralines and exquisite pies for sale:

Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 9.

Ciacco - Gelato Senz'altro:

Close to the Duomo, in a much quieter street that does not even look like the center of Milan, is this place that prides itself on not using additives or preservatives and using fresh and local ingredients.

The idea is great, but I must confess that I wasn't convinced in the matter of creaminess.

I really enjoyed the variety of flavors tho, such as the Matcha (Japanese green tea, which I'm a big fan of)!) , cheesecake, lime and ginger, red orange, fig (some of these depending on the season, of course) and the option to have a popsicle!

Cone score: 9.

Via Spadari, 13.

Gelateria della Musica: This place that did not exist when I lived there and is quickly expanding all over the city.

The original first shop is located in a quite street a 10min walk from the Naviglio, where we arrived around 10.30pm and was surprised by a quite long line. When the locals like it there is that a sign that is good for real!

A relaxed atmosphere where the various flavors of the day are written on a board by hand.

Highlight is Pistachio Flakes and Lemon Basil! Cone score 9.

Via Pestalozzi, 4

Bianco Latte:

For those strolling around the fashion quartier (Quadrilatero della Moda) or relaxing in the nearby Indro Montanelli Park, this cute café is as well an ice cream parlor, upscale bakery, home and gift's shop, as well as a restaurant.

Well, It is quite hard to focus on the gelatos here....till you see then and its flavor's topping.

Check out Lemon and Ricota, Caramel with speculous and berries with chocolate.

Cone score: 9.

Artico Gelato:

Placed in the Isola neighborhood - the new and modern area of ​​Milan - this is another one with line at the door and taste worthy of its fame !! Here what amazed me was the amount of nut flavors offered. Three types of pistachio (including with olive oil, salt and pepper - oh yes) sicilian almonds, walnuts and so on...

I picked the "basics" hazelnut (nocciola) and salty pistacchio, because the truth is, you can never go wrong with this pair!!

Oh yeah, shame on me! After a big plate of pasta there was no space for a cone, but by the little piece I tried I could tell it scores 10!

Via Porro Lambertenghi, 15.


Because they are already big chains, located in other cities around the world, Grom, Bottega de Leonardo and Amorino, we're left out of the competition.

Wanna know what is my favorite?

White Chocolate and Hazelnut from Cioccolat Italiani.


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