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Gabriela Vieira:

Natural do Rio de Janeiro, mais precisamente Araras, um vale na serra de Petrópolis. Geminiana. Botafoguense com muito orgulho, lançada no mundo com 17 anos, quando comecei minha carreira como modelo. Desde então cigana, curiosa por natureza, apaixonada por viagens, culturas diversas, línguas, culinária e até um pouco de moda...

Morei 5 anos em Milão, 2 em Paris e nos ultimos quase 6 anos, em Nova York. Atualmente de volta a minha origem e cidade do coração, Rio de Janeiro (mas sabe se lá até quando...)


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How to Travel Sustainably and Consciously

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Hi there!

Who else is ready to know when we will be able to plan the next trip?

I know! We are still trying to survive, also economically and emotionally, but I believe that this "quiet" period has brought many reflections regarding the activities and behaviors that we could do differently, right?

I do not mean to romanticize quarantine, neither minimize the sad number of lost lives during the pandemic, but if there is a lesson on all that, it is that it is about time to rethink our attitudes and practices as a whole, considering how they affect other people, our community, and nature. 

I personally have been thinking a lot about how can we reduce our social-ecological impact in many sectors, but including in traveling. I must admit that I have been the one buying the cheapest flights with millions stops and that, misinformed, I have been to attractions that explore animals. (See here how to interact with elephants in Thailand in a more responsible way)


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